Finero supplies the world’s electronics and electrical industry with state of the art functional test systems and ATE, which facilitate the manufacturers to ensure and continuously improve their product quality and safety. Finero also provides integrated functional test systems. Integrated functional test systems incorporate in the same test cycle the safety tests as well as functional tests. This yields to unparalleled quality and through put level in any production.

Finero has provided complete functional test systems and integrated functional test systems to various industries like:

  • Power supply production
  • Industrial electronics production
  • Semiconductor production
  • Cable and Cable harness production
  • Medical electronics production
  • Communication electronics production
  • Very high speed automatic production
  • etc.

Finero cooperates with companies that are able to provide together with Finero a very wide range of product quality test systems.

Finero – The Quality Control Company, is the right partner for your production quality testing needs.

Please contact our sales engineers, they are very pleased to offer you the quality control system you need.

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