Finero’s FST-150 Relay Matrix is designed for easy building of complete functional test systems:

  • small scale tests systems
  • very large scale test systems
  • combine easily high voltage signals and small PCB level signals
  • easy to program with SafeTest 100 software

PC controlling of the test system is made simple by already installed interfaces; which you can choose from GPIB, RS-232, Ethernet or USB, according to your needs. Programming can be done by SAFETEST 100 software.

The basic FST-150 model has a led display for 32 HV relays, 8 inputs and 8 analog inputs, in single compact 3U case; The configuration can be expanded easily: you can increase the number of inputs and outputs in several ways up to hundred, according to your desired configuration.

Main features are:

  • Up to 32 HV-relays in single compact 3U19″ format
  • Combine several FST-150 units together for building really large scale test systems
  • Hundreds of test points
  • Internal power supply 230V / 24V DC
  • Several Digital I/O and Analog I/O
  • Available interfaces GP-IB, RS-232, Ethernet and USB
  • Very cost effective solution for building production test systems

It is LabVIEW compatible and can be applied together with any Finero’s test equipment in one single test system.

Please have a look at the FST-150 Relay Matrix brochure

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