This modular battery test system provides for manufacturers versatile testing possibilities. Due to modularity it allows easy configuration of battery testers for a wide range of different power levels.

Main features are:

  • Easily expandable from 1 to 200 testplaces
  • Mixed testing possible, every module has its own set of test parameters
  • Bar code reader and printers connections
  • Easy to use software
  • Fast and accurate of status of each module
  • RS-232 or GB-IB interfaces
  • Polarity and short circuit test
  • Multicycle long term tests for quality assurance purposes

Tester modules are designed to fit a 19″ wide and 3U high rack.

  • Cell voltages 3 to 20V
  • Charging/discharging currents 50mA to 2000mA
  • Constant voltage cut off time 1 to 60min

Can be used to test different kind of batteries, like lead acid, Li-Ion, etc.

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Cable Tester

FST-500 High Voltage Cable Tester is a modular and customizable cable tester that can be easily adapted to various cable test or cable harness test applications.

The electronics is based on Finero’s rugged industrial grade FST range of standard test equipment. All set and measured values are shown on alphanumeric display, additionally there is an analog panel meter for output voltage. Other cable paramerter like L, C and R can also be tested by using optional test and measurement equipment.

The tester can be ordered with a build in PC and it can be used in conjunction with Finero’s Quality Control software.

  • Test voltages up to 5kVAC and 6kVDC, other voltages on request
  • Currents up to 2,5A, other currents on request
  • A very sensitive and adjustable partial discharge detector.
  • PC controlled easy to use
  • Alphanumeric display for easy programming
  • Last measured value shown on the display and saved
  • Time controlled adjustable ramp and dwell
  • Interfaces USB, Ethernet, RS232, GPIB

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