Order products what you want our orderform which you can find below. After you have send your order
we send you an offer and after you say that this is OK we deliver products or accessories.

Order needs ordercodes and these you can find order information documents below. If you like it’s okay
to write form only product’s name and options what you want and if you order only accessories it’s fine to
write only product name.

You can also send your order direct to our sales department email: sales(at)finero.fi

If you have any questions about order or how to fill orderform please contact our sales – we help you.

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p. +358 40 589 2087

Finero’s worldwide sales and service network

We have many partners around the world which are our authorized distributors.
You can also order your product or ask more information about our distributors.

You can find list of our network by clicking sales & service at uppermenu.

Order information Quanti-series

QUANTI Order information 27.07.2016

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Order information FST-series

FST Order information 27.7.2016

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