Finero’s standard test software SAFETEST 100B can be applied to build complete test systems with Finero’s test equipment as well as it can be combined with any third party products.

With one computer interface SAFETEST 100B software controls a complete functional test system.

Combined with Finero’s Relay Matrix FST-150 customers can build very easily and cost efficiently powerful functional test systems.

It is also possible to write or read for instance a serial number by using a bar code reader. This feature facilitates using FST-line testers and SAFETEST100B software in volume production.

The results are stored in a database that can be easily read into an ERP or MES system.

SafeTest 100b-software

Quality Control

Over decades Finero has delivered to electronics and electrical manufacturing customers easy to use, but advanced software to build test systems and implement customized solutions, either by customer itself or by Finero’s engineers.

We in Finero put a high emphasis on quality control aspects like traceability and data availability for use in many other enterprise information technology systems.


Production quality data is only valuable for the customer if it is put in effective continuous improvement use.

Finero offers customized quality control software with features like:

– SPC, Statistical Process Control
– Traceability – Connectivity to ERP or MES systems

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tel. +358 40 589 2087